Department of Asian Studies

Department of Asian Studies was established at the Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Lodz in 2017, based on the Department of East Asian Studies which has been existing since 2005. The research team is chaired by prof. Małgorzata Pietrasiak. The scientific interests of the members concentrate on political, economic, and social processes that take place in East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, political systems of countries of the region, and their relations with other international actors. Apart from scientific activity DAS members also teach a wide variety of classes in the field of Asian Studies and International Relations. Together with the Department of Middle East and North African Studies, graduate courses specializing in oriental studies are offered. Department also realizes a lot of initiatives related to Asia like Lodz East East Meeting, annual conference which gathers researchers from the whole world. In addition, scientific expeditions to various Asian countries are organized in close cooperation with the Student’s Associations of East Asia and Pacific.