Student’s Associations of East Asia and Pacific

The beginnings of the Associaton coincide almost in time with the establishment of the Faculty of International and Political Studies. In 2001, group of students fascinated with East Asia, headed by the present lecturers Dominik Mierzejewski (Prof. UL) and Włodzimierz Cieciura (UW) decided to explore the secrets of the Orient. Over time, meetings gathered an increasing number of students for whom China or Japan became the main topic of conversations and object of fascination. This group became so large that its members decided to give it a formal character, and as a result formed the Student’s Associations of East Asia and Pacific. We are try to talk about the culture of the Far East as much as it possible, organizing filma and photo shows presenting the specificy and the uniqueness of East Asia, as well as meetings with experts and travlelers who have set foot on Asian continent. Fascinating stories encouraged students to discover Asia for themselves. After hard efforts, we managed to visit China as the first. Our enthusiasm also led us to Siberia, and one year later to Indochina. Recently we have had the opportunity to visit India several times and Indochina again! Now we are only waiting impatiently for another chnace to visit the Far East again !!! The supervisor of the SAEAC is currently prof. Grzegorz Bywalec.

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