The role of regions in the European Union policy towards China

Date of beginning to date of conclusion
19.09.2016 – 19.09.2018

Project description
Local governments across the world more and more actively participate in international relations. They open trade and cultural missions abroad, join international networks of cooperation, sign treaties and agreements with their partners from others countries. Their activity can be treated as a tool of foreign policy. Sub-national dimension is also a part of the European Union relations with China, one of the most important direction of European foreign policy. The main goal of the project is to understand a role that paradiplomacy plays in the EU policy towards China in the context of international “actorness” of European regions, political coherence of the EU external actions and policies as well as multilevel governance in globalized world.

Project is financed by The National Science Centre, Poland (Project No. 2015/19/B/HS5/02534)

University of Łódź Polish
Institute of International Affairs