Asian Studies (BA in Polish)

Asian Studies (Bachelor Degree in Polish)

The aim of Asian Studies is to acquire knowledge and skills that allow understanding of the Asian phenomenon in the cultural, political, social and economic context. The specificity of Asia makes it impossible to fully understand and function in the local environment without speaking local languages. Therefore, intensive Asian language courses (Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic) play an important role in the Asian Studies programme.

The interdisciplinary nature of the course covers issues of diverse and dynamic political, economic and social processes in local, regional and global terms. The theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained during the studies will make the graduate a person capable of reflection and critical evaluation of phenomena in the modern world, and desired specialist in the labour market.

After 3 years of studing graduate can find employment in governmental institutions (ministries, diplomatic missions, public security institutions), non-governmental organizations, international institutions and private sector, cultural institutions, media, education or tourism.

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